Best Magnetic Window Cleaners in 2019

Best Magnetic Double Sided Window Cleaner Wiper & Washer in 2019

Do you find it hard to clean the windows in your home and looking for an easier method?

If yes, then you should think about buying the best magnetic window cleaner that astonishing power to eliminate the dirt effortlessly.

They come with solid magnets that make sure the cleaner doesn’t fall or break during the process.

One amazing thing about this amazing product is it clean both insides as well as outside while staying in the room.

However, finding a high-quality product is never an easy task when there are so many choices available in front of you.

That’s why; we have this post about the best magnetic window cleaners in 2019. Check out carefully and buy one that suits you the best.

If you want to clean the windows with minimal effort, then buying this cleaner is what you need to do.

It can easily clean tough areas and windows that are bigger than the length of your arm. It is a perfect option for the Double Sided Window Washer  .

The Glider Window Cleaner D-2 is a highly durable product that comes with two microfiber cloths so that the elimination of dirt and polishing happen at the same time.

Baffect Home Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner

The product on our list is Baffect Double Side magnetic window washer Cleaner that available in five different sizes.

The company has manufactured it using high-quality rubber strips, ABS plastic, and ferroboron alnico.

This product has a unique design that cleans both sides of the windows effortlessly.

You can use this cleaner for all the windows having a thickness between 4 & 30 mm.

There is a complete instructional manual available with this magnetic cleaner for allowing you to use it easily.

1) Adjust 4-30mm Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner

2) Fixed 18-30mm Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner

3) Fixed 15-26mm Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner

4) Fixed 8-15mm Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner

5) Fixed 3-8mm Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner

Buying Guide For Magnetic Window Cleaner

While you check out the magnetic window cleaners to purchase the best one, do keep the following in mind.


The size of a magnetic window cleaner varies from model to model.

You must always see the one that comes in a large size so that you can clean the window in a single swipe.

This will let you save effort and time and can be perfect for saving energy.

However, it must not be too large so that it becomes difficult to move it from one place to another.


The one that comes in a long-lasting construction will be an ideal choice.

Look for the one that is made of high-quality materials.

Most of the magnetic window cleaners are made of high-strength plastic.

You must make sure that it comes in an easy to clean design and lets you use it conveniently.


The features of a magnetic window cleaner can vary from one brand to another. However, you must always look for the features that let you have better convenience.

See if it meets your purpose and you can make the most out of it.

Some will allow you to control the equipment with your smartphone and have added convenience.

Again, this may hit you more on your budget.


The performance of a magnetic window cleaner is according to the power it delivers.

If you are buying it for commercial purposes, then always go for the one that delivers superior performance.

You can see if it includes a powerful motor that can run for extended hours for effective cleaning.

Ensure that it comes in a lightweight design so that you can have easy maneuverability in using the tool.


If it runs on electric power, then check if it includes a long power cord.

However, if you want to have the benefit of using it wirelessly, then it must include a powerful battery.

Make sure that it comes with battery backup so that you don’t have to leave the cleaning process in between.


Always go for the one that comes with easy controls.

Select the one that comes with automatic functions and can effectively remove the stubborn stains.

Some of it may come with a remote control that lets you have better convenience.

Magnet Strength:

The strength of the magnet can vary considerably and determines the performance of the unit.

The magnet strength must not be weak and must properly attach itself to the window.

Weak magnetism can make it fall from the window.


A magnetic window cleaner that comes with versatile features will be perfect.

This will give you the advantage of using it for other surfaces, and you can even clean your floor.

Check the absorption ability of the unit so that it can clean in a single swipe.

If there is not good absorption, then it can leave a residue, and you will have to make repeated efforts.

Safety Feature:

The one that comes with a safety feature will be a better choice.

Most of the magnetic window cleaner comes with a safety rope that prevents the window cleaner from falling and avoids any unwanted accident.

This is very important as it can prevent accidents and make sure that the machine lasts longer.


There is no doubt cleaning the windows is a very daunting task, especially from the outside.

However, technology has created the best magnetic window cleaner for doing this work efficiently.

It not only makes the process simpler but also helps in cleaning perfectly.