About Us

Why homeshop 2?

Homeshop 2 is unique among all the online shopping sites. Here, the products are unique, the brands are original and way of procurement is very easy!

You can place an order on our website, www.homeshop2.com or download our mobile app or call us @ +91- 8087378988.

As you place an order on your mobile phone, computer or phone call, homeshop2 will deliver the items at your doorsteps with free shipping facility.

The product comes with warranty and guarantee as applicable with any brick & mortar store.

Homeshop2 lets you find unique products quickly and the customer can possess them quickly by paying less. Further after sales support service will reply to all customer's queries.

Contact Us!

If you have a question or need further information about products and services offered by us, you can reach us by calling us @ +91-8087378988